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our new single, all my friends:

Get ready to be blown away by BLIGH's newest single, All My Friends! All My Friends is the epitome of sonic dynamite. With soaring choruses, intricate guitar work, unexpected sound design, and captivating synths, "All My Friends" is a testament to BLIGH's musical prowess and hook focused  style.


All My Friends also represents BLIGH’s first foray into self producing their music. Recorded in singer, Elliott’s garage, BLIGH have never more truely embodied the maxim: ‘music from the band-room not the boardroom.’


After a brief hiatus due to the pandemic, BLIGH is back and ready to take the world by storm once again. With their musical maximalism, they have become a staple in the local music scene, selling out shows at renowned venues like Mo's Desert Clubhouse and Vinnie's Dive. Their unique sound has earned them accolades from prestigious publications such as The Music, Scenstr, and HappyMag, who referred to them as " of the country's most exciting Indie rock bands."


In 2019, BLIGH completed their first national tour, leaving audiences mesmerised by their electrifying performances. Their recent singles have been chart-toppers on Triple J Unearthed, leaving no doubt that "All My Friends" will be no exception. With their sights set high, BLIGH is already hard at work on their next release, eager to explore new sounds and keep pushing their sound into new genres and sounds.




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