Never a band to do anything by half measures, BLIGH are back with a new single, Ghost that exemplifies their maximalist gloss rock sound. Increasingly refferred to as one of the most exciting bands in the country, BLIGH were determined to make their biggest sounding song yet. The self produced Ghost finds the band expanding their sound further into it’s outer limits yet agian. 

“We are determined to grow,” says the bands singer Elliott Baylis, “I don’t think we would put anthing out that didn’t expand on what we did before. We have to get better or there’s no point.” 

Ghost delivers on this promise with its huge arena rock intro sporting a bone shaking synth pad, rock guitars, dubstep drums and a disco chorus garaunteed to get you on your feet.


BLIGH are currently hard at work on their debut EP after coming off a successful national tour in support of Nissan Patrol. The tour was in support of the first of their Exit 89 series of singles; a group of songs that are all about hedonistic, decadent and formative experiences growing up on the Gold Coast. The single collection will continue to roll out over 2019 sporting the bands signature Gloss rock/sleep deprived disco sound.

“We’ve grown with these songs.” says the bands producer and bassist James Martin “If you follow the through line from Mrs Jones to here keeping in mind it’s only been a year it’s pretty amazing. It makes me wonder what we will be doing in 12 months and I can’t wait to find out.”

Ghost is out now.


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