In many ways BLIGH are at the beginning of a new chapter. Their recently completed debut EP ‘Sunsets’ is due out later this year. More sentimental, refletive, evocative and pensive than ever before Sunsets encapsulates the sound of a band maturing its sound. Lyrically the EP charts the decline of a relationship, cumulating in the acknowledgement that endings are sometimes necessary, blameless and help us grow. The EP is a combination of slick analogue synths, driven indie guitars, rich Queen-like vocals and hooks that won’t leave your head for days.

The EP is BLIGH’s first ever release that was tracked live. “We just wanted to sound more like a band,” says drummer Jaidyn Blayde, “It’s definetely not common to track this way in our genre but we felt we should do it just in case we managed to catch lightning in a bottle. I think we did, there’s magic that you only get when we play together in a room.” 

“Sunsets is miles ahead of anything we have done so far,” says vocalist Elliott Baylis, “We are still chasing pop nirvana, while injecting much more dynamic and emotional range. I think our fans will love us telling a story in this slighlty more longform way.”

BLIGH are coming of a year of successes ranging from being heralded as “…one of the most exciting rock bands in the country…” by HappyMag to completing a successful national tour to promote their four Triple J Unearthed top 20 charting singles. 


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