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Mrs Jones is the second booming single from hard hitting Gold Coast gloss rock outfit BLIGH. Drawing on low budget english crime for lyrical inspiration, Mrs Jones's is a campy, catchy amalgamation of cinematic pop with blues, hardrock and 80's synthpop that encourages repeat listening and promises great things to come from this propitious group. The single will be released on digital platforms on the 27/09/2018.

bligh bio: 

BLIGH is an alternative rock/gloss rock group heralding from the Gold Coast. Formed in late 2015 by school friends, the groups members have been playing with each other in various formats and lineups for over 10 years. The band is currently poised to release their new single Mrs Jones, the follow up to 2017's 'explosive' Gotta Get, with more releases already slated to follow suite. The band are playing a variety of shows and making a name for themselves on their energetic performances and catchy songwriting. The band is comprised of singer/songwriter Elliott Baylis, drummer Jaidyn Blayde, bassist and producer James Martin, keyboardist Zahra Whyte and guitarist Luc Saint Clair.

BAND faq

Question: Elliott, do you have any recollections of writing Mrs. Jones?

Elliott: I remember finding this old, dusty, honky tonk piano at a venue we were playing. It was an objectively awful instrument but it had charm and I just started playing the piano riff on it but I didn't really know what to do with it; it didn't sound like a BLIGH song to me initially. 

Q: So when did it start to take shape?

E: A couple of nights later. I was sitting with my keyboard watching ABC and some english murder mystery was playing. Not really meaning to while trying to find the melody I started using elements of the plot of the episode to fill out lyrics. I guess I just took that concept and ran with it.

Q: James, what did you add to the song?

James: Because the song already sounds pretty 'livey', only a few extra elements were needed to make the song sound perfect. We added extra percussion to make Jaidyn's part sound huge, and used snippets from old radio adverts and unique effects to add a glossy sheen to make the song truly sound 'BLIGH.'

Promo Photos:


She snuck out last night, at an unusaul hour

It was most unlike her, and it clearly went sour

Cause now we're looking for Mrs. Jones

Cause last night she didn't come home

They found her car on a dirt country road

On the outskirts of town, by an old farmers home 

"Hello sir, have you seen Mrs. Jones,"

"Because last night she didn't come home."

A shallow grave deep in the woodland, 

Bright red nails on an exposed hand

Mrs. Jones where did you go?

We wanna know

"So, Mr Smith, what was your relationship to the victim?"

"And there was no one else as far as you know?"

"Mr smith, we will find Mrs. Jones. In case she calls hold on to your phone"

Anonymous message on a generic dating site:

"I can't wait to meet you, out of town tonight."

"You bring the roses, I'll bring the rope."

"Sincerely yours, in hope."

A shallow grave deep in the woodland, 

Bright red nails on an exposed hand

Mrs. Jones where did you go?

We wanna know

Dark rings on her neck


A joyful act of, illicit passion

Mrs. Jones where did you go?

We'll never know

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