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The new single from Gold Coast indie rock darlings BLIGH finds them more reflective, catchier and sporting a more arena-ready sound than ever before.

Coming off the back of their first national tour last year, a sold out launch show at Mo's Desert Clubhouse, being hailed as "...The most exciting indie rock band in the country" by HappyMag and a string of top ten charting songs on Triple J Unearthed, BLIGH find themselves at a crossroads. 

Ride, the first single from the bands upcoming debut EP 'Sunsets,' finds the band less bombastic and more introspective than past releases

"We wanted to make something that spoke authentically about a common human experience rather than just deliver another catchy chorus." Drummer Jaidyn Blayde told us. 

"We felt we had to develop or die." Affirmed vocalist and songwriter Elliott Baylis. "We have never released anything that felt definitively us. So when we were recording Ride there was a sense of desperation to make something that truly fulfilled our creative ambitions. I think that desperation paid off in spades."


This develepment is obvious when listening to Ride. Punctauting the alt-rock that BLIGH are steadily becoming known for are warm analogue synths, huge choral like vocal stacks and a pounding drum sound that would have been the envy of John Bonham. The lyrics deliver a moving sermon on romantic paranoia riding on a melody line dripping in self loathing introspection. Cumulating in a rousing guitar solo skilfully administered by the groups guitar player Will Kucina, Ride expertly unfolds itself delivering just enough new elements to constantly grab your attention while remaining consistent enough to lull you into a sort of indie pop nirvana. 

"It was important for us to try something different," Says the bands' Guitarist Will Kucina. "That's why we recorded the EP live together in a room, just like The Beatles, Arctic Monkeys and so many other bands we love have done. We really wanted to get away from the laptop and we knew if we did the chemistry of us in a room together would be unbeatable."


Chemistry or not, Ride certainly delivers more than BLIGH have ever before and heralds a bright and promising career to come. Ride is out on November 13th on all digital platforms. Ride is the first taste of a more scrumptious work; the bands debut EP 'Sunsets' which is due for release in early 2021.



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