BLIGH deliver a stunning indie pop soundscape on their new single What You Aren't Telling Me. Produced by Blake Malone (Amy Shark, Ivey, Peach Fur) the band have channeled indie greats like The Wombats and The Killers into a refined slice of indie-pop perfection.

Like the rest of the upcoming Sunsets EP, the song focuses on romantic paranoia. The ambitiousness doesn't stop at telling a longer form story over the course of the EP. The sentimental lyrics are complimented by a mix of lusciously produced analogue synths that sounds fresh out of 1986 and lo-fi elements, such as vocal moments recorded on an iPhone microphone. This compelling mix of textures creates a sonic landscape that captures your attention and constantly feeds you new and even more enticing distractions. A melancholic world of sonic subtlety; What You Aren't Telling Me is a must listen for indie-pop fans.  

Coming off the back of their first national tour last year, a sold out launch show at Mo's Desert Clubhouse, being hailed as "...The most exciting indie rock band in the country" by HappyMag and a string of top ten charting songs on Triple J Unearthed, BLIGH are determined to live up to the buzz they are rapidly accumulating. 

BLIGH's debut EP is out in January.

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